Universal Housing

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For me it is more the opportunity to develop a system, like Mid Century Modern, that is a Tinker Toy of parts that can be used in many imaginative ways. Building still need to work constructively for humans. The function is most important. The form, personal values, light, spacial energy should all reinforce the human spirit.

How do you do Universal Housing with all this in mind? Study, invent, calculate, imaging that future. Be bold, experiment, engineer, be site selective, work with local and the larger building and planning to develop opportunity. Collaborate using past opportunities to see what works for today. Modular construction shipped to site might be a great option. However you need to look at all the embodied energy used to create and build housing units. There might be a better more cost effective way to achieve your goal.

For now the majority of residential projects I have worked on have been additions, remodels, or re-purposed housing units. Each new project I have worked on has been custom. I study the concepts of Universal Housing, affordable housing, homeless housing, manufactured housing continually. Many big government housing project turn into slums and a few had to be destroyed. This is a very complex issue.

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