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Join the group and you will meet new contacts who also want to clean, green and sustain Earth.

As in the past I will just pot light some key comments. If you want more information go to

  • Look outside of your fence – what opportunities are beyond?
  • You and your community is what can define your project
  • Create the culture – the Green Team
  • Connect personal and business action all toward sustainability
  • Each step, each breath, counts 0 walk the talk
  • Share and post your found information – news letters
  • Each department needs to join the team
  • Staff participation – build the culture - collaboration
  • Be proactive – be the leader
  • Visions, goals, create the learning environment
  • Do the deep dive – all things zero waste
  • Always follow up – make it happen as planned with your vision and goals
  • Analyze the results – make changes where needed – keep moving forward
  • Be ambitious – definitions and facts do count
  • Re-use – re-purpose
  • Integrate city, community systems with your project
  • Shrink your environmental footprint – go NZC carbon neutral
  • Use comprehensive strategies – value engineer -  what was the base line, then go with the vision
  • Find your local resources
  • Living systems – eco-systems- form does follow function – allocation of the strategic action vision
  • Plan for 12-24 months out, not future – change is happening too fast
  • Engage, have fun, relationships count – invest in your resources

These comments come from about 10 different teams working toward sustainability all from the key people running sustainability programs from all over the USA on the GreenWave conference zoom meeting 3/8/23 on Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums.

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